American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) Writing & Editing Core Certificate

Ph. D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program, Purdue University


B. A. in Biochemistry, Chemistry Dept., University of California, San Diego



• Principal Medical Writer and Owner, Tanager Medical Writing LLC. Current (6 years)

• Senior Medical Writer, PUMA Biotechnology, Los Angeles, CA (7 months)
  Responsibilities: Writing and editing of Clinical Protocols, Clinical Protocol Amendments, DSUR, and Investigator Brochure.


• Medical Writer, Vivus, Inc., Mountain View, CA (2 years)
   Responsibilities: Writing and editing of Clinical Study Reports, Clinical Protocols, Clinical Protocol Amendments, and Investigator’s Brochures. 

• Senior Medical Writer PDL BioPharma, Inc., Redwood City, CA (3.2 years)
   Responsibilities: Writing and editing of Clinical Study Reports, Clinical Protocols, Clinical protocol amendments, and Investigator’s Brochures. 

• Technical Writer II Abgenix, Inc., Fremont, CA (1 year)
   Responsibilities: Substantive editing of all Process Sciences publications. Project management of all documentation deliverables in close collaboration
   with scientists. Editing and description of data needed to support manufacturing and contract research.

• Technical Writer BD Biosciences Clontech, Palo Alto, CA, (3.3 years)
   Responsibilities: Writing and editing of technical and marketing documents, project management, Catalog Assistant Editor, DNA Vector Database  
   administrator, Technical Communications Coordinator for all protein expression and purification products.

• Senior Scientist List Biological Laboratories, Campbell, CA, (3.5 years)
   Responsibilities: Writing and editing of production documentation, product literature, and certificates of analysis; Production scientist at large
   pharmaceutical company for GMP production of Eye Medication, research and development, and quality control analysis.


Continuing Education

    Medical Writing and Editing

  • Summarizing Safety Data for a New Drug Application (April 2012) 
  • Global Product Development, AMWA Workshop. (2010)
  • Investigational New Drug Application in eCTD Format, AMWA Workshop (April 2009)
  • Investigational New Drug Applications. AMWA Core Curriculum Course (2006)
  • Development of a Clinical Study Report. Drug Information Association, Professional Development Training course. (January 2006)
  • Tables and Graphs: A Pharmaceutical Approach. AMWA Core Curriculum Course, Asilomar Conference (April 2005)
  • Communicating Results of Routine Clinical Laboratory Tests (April 2011)
  • Sentence Structure and Patterns, AMWA Workshop. (2007)
  • Improving Comprehension: Theories and Research Findings. AMWA Core Curriculum Course. (2006)
  • Outlining for Writers and Editors. AMWA Workshop. (2005)
  • The Drug Development Process, University of California Extension, Santa Cruz. (2004)
  • Editorial workshop, UC Berkeley Extension Journalism Program (2003)

    Scientific and Other

  • Clinical Research Training On-Line NIH course (2016)
  • General Principles of Good Clinical Practice (Updated October 2015)
  • Fundamentals of Ethics and Practical Applications (2014)
  • Basics of Epidemiology for Medical Writers (2009)
  • Correlation and Regression Analysis: AMWA Workshop (2009)
  • Statistics for Medical Writers and Editors, AMWA Workshop (2007)
  • Project Management Negotiation Principles and Techniques, UCSC Extension (2007)
  • Annual Reports: SOPs for Developing Content that Meets FDA Requirements (2007) .
  • The Editorial Process at Biomedical Journals: AMWA Workshop (2006)
  • Basic Immunology for Medical Writers and Editors. AMWA Workshop and Fed. Clin. Immun. Soc. (2006)



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